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Gen AI Videos

Pushing the boundaries of cinematic creativity using generative AI technology. Captivating innovative content that defies conventional storytelling: from shorts and mesmerizing music videos to stunning visual effects, pre-visualizations and cutting-edge workshops. Bringing the power of Gen AI to schools and groups of all ages, shaping the creators of tomorrow.

Gen AI Workshops

A selection of AI-generated videos created during a Gen AI workshop by junior students at the Cinemagis film school in Marseille, France.

Experience the future of filmmaking firsthand with a groundbreaking workshop on Generative Video AI for all ages and groups. Delve into the world of artificial intelligence and unleash your creativity as you learn to harness the power of AI to craft compelling narratives and stunning visual experiences. Participants explore cutting-edge techniques and tools, transforming their ideas into captivating AI-generated videos. 

"We were extremely satisfied with Shemie Reut's work. He succeeded in providing students with essential knowledge about generative artificial intelligence, highlighting both its positive aspects and its ethical limits. A remarkable aspect of Shem's work has been his ability to organize workshops for up to 20 people simultaneously, through a rigorous and well-thought-out educational program. Its methodical and structured approach made it possible to build effective teams which, in less than a week, were able to master the necessary tools. This efficiency in the transmission of knowledge testifies to Shemie's professionalism and teaching talent."

Dominque Combe, Director, Cinemagis Film School, France

"Shemie Reut offers a highly efficient AI video and image creation workshop that enabled us to produce our own clips, short films, ads, illustrations, and more. He is an excellent teacher who listens attentively, and I am grateful to him for his invaluable assistance."

Yannick Tammaro, student












Join us to explore the new frontiers of filmmaking with Generative AI and push the boundaries of your creative potential.




In the rapidly evolving landscape of filmmaking, Generative AI stands as a revolutionary tool, unlocking creative possibilities previously unimaginable. This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of Generative AI and its transformative potential in cinema. Hosted by experienced professionals, the workshop offers hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI tools, fostering the creation of innovative and unique content.


Our primary goal is to provide participants with a solid foundation in Generative AI, empowering them to integrate this advanced technology into their filmmaking projects. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have practical knowledge and skills to utilize AI-driven tools in their creative endeavors.



Introduction to Generative AI:: Gain an understanding of AI and its applications in filmmaking, including principles, platforms, and ethical considerations.

Idea Development and Pitching: Learn to brainstorm, conceptualize, and craft compelling pitches that incorporate Generative AI elements.

Script Development: Develop and refine scripts tailored for movie trailers, with practical exercises and peer feedback.

Storyboarding: Explore traditional and AI-assisted storyboarding techniques to visualize your concepts effectively.

Creating AI Video: Work with AI platforms to create video clips, experiment with filming techniques, and collaborate with professional actors or fellow students.

Editing and Post-Production: Dive into basic editing principles, sound editing, and color correction to enhance your project’s visual and auditory appeal.

Final Projects and Future Trends: Present your projects, discuss the strengths and limitations of Generative AI in filmmaking, and explore emerging trends and industry applications.


We also offer tailored workshops for schools, corporations, and interest groups, adapting the content to meet specific needs and objectives. Whether it's integrating Generative AI into educational curriculums, enhancing corporate training programs, or exploring niche applications for specialized interest groups, our customizable workshops ensure relevant and impactful learning experiences.



We understand the diverse needs and objectives of our clients. Therefore, the duration of the workshop is flexible and can be adjusted to fit specific requirements. Whether it's a single day, a week, or several weeks, we tailor the program to ensure that each participant gains maximum benefit from the experience.

For more detailed information or to discuss tailoring the workshop to meet your organization's needs, please contact us at



A still from a short created by the workshop student Pauline Golsse

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